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Portrait Picture Saint & Sinner

21 August

katizzlefizz is katherine.
a 17 year old english girl.

this journal is full of photos, squees, rants, and everything else you'd expect from a bog-standard liverjounaler.
if you know me from real-life and you're not already added, don't even try to friend me. some things need to stay private. :) anyone else, however, please feel free. i'm nice, honest!
70% real life
this consists of anything from what i did at college to what's going on in my family, how i'm feeling about current affairs to musings on the past or future. it's not hard to understand but it is patchy in places. :)
30% squee
this is stuff like discussion of doctor who, top gear, manchester united fc, national geographic channel programmes and anything else that conjures squees that doesn't come under real life.
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